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Amnesia Haze has a classic, long, maturing psychotropic sativa lineage tamed with a dash of dense mountain indica. Two land-races and a hybrid have been expertly combined to produce a THC powerhouse that has an effect that even the most experienced cannabis aficionados will find undeniable and insistent.

Amnesia Haze has dense flower clusters that are hard to the touch when cured lovingly. So well-crystallized are the firm nuggets, that they seem to have been lightly glazed with some kind of exotic cardamom and lime, marjoram and mandarin flavored toffee that sparkles and refracts the light.

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The overdrive trichome production makes Amnesia Haze prized for hashes and other extractions. Warmed and twenty tonne pressed, the clear honey-colored 22% THC resin waterfalls are a sticky sight to behold and an incomparable aromatic revelation.

The effects are difficult to assess, but powerful nonetheless. The experience of the user plays a substantial part. The marijuana novice might experience their first green out with this powerful strain of cannabis. Easily overindulging because it is so smooth and just so darn tasty.

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The experienced sativa fan will thrill at the creative stimulus and outstanding focus that this practically psychedelic strain brings. The Great Outdoors calls, where everything is bright and the air is effervescent. Of course just hitting the couch with tunes and friends and enjoying the mental mind trip is a great way to spend an afternoon. Or dare to dab and deep dream.

Sometimes it can be chimeric, taking fifteen minutes to really work its neurological magic. You can find yourself one moment taking a toke and wondering what the big deal is. Then, the next moment, like a stricken amnesiac, you wonder how on earth you got where you are. Shaking your head with a brain like a sieve and giggling in self-conscious astonishment. Buy Cali Kush, Buy lemon cherry gelato, buy white cherry gelato, buy sherblato strain, buy biscotti weed, buy critical plus hash, buy sharklato runtz, buy ether runtz, buy runtz online, buy tko carts, buy exotic carts, buy rove carts, buy absolute xtracts carts, buy smart buds cans, buy gary payton cookies, buy banana runtz, buy banana milk strain, buy captain kush, buy dolato strain, buy snowman cookies strain, buy white runtz, buy frosted kush.


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