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Buy Black Cherry Gelato

Black Cherry Gelato represents a 50% Indica hybrid strain. This nighttime strain is a successful cross between black cherry funk and Acai. It has taken the best from parents combining mouthwatering flavor derived from Black Cherry Funk and strength acquired from the Acai. Despite poor information about this strain the one thing for certain Black Cherry Gelato is a medium strong weed that reaches about 19% of THC content. It is recommended to measure dosage before consumption to avoid overdosing.

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Black Cherry Gelato is recognized as one of the best dessert strains. Cherry and berry outweigh other components in their flavor profile. A pungent aroma of fresh berries and licorice emitted from buds would leave you impressed and water the mouth. Hints of herbs and skunk are also expected to be detected.

Unfortunately, Black Cherry Gelato’s seeds are difficult to be found on the retail level. It is said that some growers try to cultivate it through cloning, but the detailed growing instructions are not yet available to access.

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Moreover, medical cannabis users are found this marijuana helpful to treat some physical and mental disorders. Some admit its ability to get rid of negative thoughts caused by depression or anxiety. Besides, this cannabis strain is a good pain reliever that is found useful to reduce chronic pain, muscle spasms, and migraines. The sleep-inducing effect accompanied by full-body relaxation can help to combat insomnia.

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