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Boasting some solid stats in regards to THC and CBD content, this strain is recommended for experienced smokers looking for a cerebral high. 14-17% THC makes Frosty Kush a strong performer for those seeking recreational and medicinal potency. Given her lack of body high, an attribute typical of indica-dominant strains such as this, she comes highly recommended when reading or engaging socially. The icing on the cake, almost literally, is the outstandingly layer of frosty trichomes that form on her buds. She certainly lives up to her name.

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Standard aromas follow—expect dank and earthy notes. 7–9 weeks of flowering is all it takes before harvest. She prefers a SOG environment, although she’ll still perform well indoors and outdoors without training. Buy Cali Kush, Buy lemon cherry gelato, buy white cherry gelato, buy sherblato strain, buy biscotti weed, buy critical plus hash, buy sharklato runtz, buy ether runtz, buy runtz online, buy tko carts, buy exotic carts, buy rove carts, buy absolute xtracts carts, buy smart buds cans, buy gary payton cookies, buy banana runtz, buy banana milk strain, buy captain kush, buy dolato strain, buy snowman cookies strain, buy white runtz, buy frosted kush.

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