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A rare strain that stems from unknown breeders. Gorilla OG is poised to become a top-shelf bud in no time. Many also call her Gorilla Mango due to some of the rumors about her genetics.  Her exact lineage is a bit fuzzy. Most are certain that Gorilla Glue #4 is at play, but whether OG Cookies or Mango Kush is the other parent in the mix remains a secret.

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Because of her GG#4 affiliation, Gorilla OG finishes out at 22% THC with a high that is quite amazing. Round nugs are a dusty green tone and highlight almost clear hairs and huge loads of tar that is joined by thick trichome inclusion. Kinds of mango aren’t just about as solid as one would might suspect, yet while this organic product is as yet present, traces of cowhide, earth, diesel, and flavors all play into her taste and smell, offering an encounter that feels extravagant, without a doubt.

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A true stoner strain, Gorilla OG’s high builds slowly and brings about a sensation of euphoria that lasts for hours. Your mind and body will be buzzing and thoughts may not be quite as clear as they were a few hours ago once her effects fully take hold. The most prominent part of your experience will be the strong sensation of couch lock hence making it difficult for you to satisfy the munchies that have crept in. Our advice is to get yourself set up ahead of time with a blanket, pillow, and plenty of food within arm’s reach.

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