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Grower : Jungle Boys
Genetics : Wedding Cake X Gelato
THC level : 24.3713%
CBD level : 0.06189%
Total Cannabinoids : 29.64886%

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Buy Ice Cream Cake Jungle Boys

Buy ice cream cake weed is a delicious cross between wedding cake and gelato. It has a THC level of 24.3713% and a very low level of cbd at 0.6189% and a total cannabinoids of 29.64%. Many consumers have reviewed this strain to deeply relaxing high, one that calms negative thoughts, lifts mood, and relaxes the body into a couch-lock that may usher you into great night’s sleep. Some have even stated they’ve used it for nausea and to stimulate appetite.

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Beginning as a mental burst of energy and drifting into unfocused bodily sensations that lead to sleep. Ice Cream Cake can be a great evening companion for heavy workers and heavier thinkers. We don’t know exactly where it comes from. But we know where it’s going! It will leave you locked to your lounge chair, prodding you with sedation. Your hustling considerations will be gone, quiet as an ocean of liquefied frozen yogurt for you to float real away into who-knows-where. Moreover, this is the thing that makes Ice Cream Cake ideal for treating misery and torment, just as sleep deprivation.

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Ice Cream Cake gives you a cerebral push, a lift in your mind that encourages happiness, easiness, and positivity. If you’re a type A personality person, running around doing work, controlling your life, Ice Cream Cake could be a remedy from yourself.

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